About CuddlyWrap

CuddlyWraps started out as a family business run by four lovely women – Shirley, Deb, Jennifer and Andrea — mother, daughter-in-law, two daughters.

The first CuddlyWraps were manufactured in 2003. In 2007 CuddlyWraps the decision was made to use only 100% organic cotton in order to protect the environment we are passing on to future generations of little ones.

Annie Marie Padorie Inc. acquired the company in 2016 after working with the original owners for years.

All our products are made in Canada from importing the organic cotton yarn, to knitting and dyeing the fabric with eco-friendly dyes, to the manufacture of the CuddlyWrap. Even our labels and packaging are made locally.

As a company with a focus on the needs of infants and young children and how parents can best fulfill those needs. One of the most basic needs of a newborn is to be held in close contact with their mother, father or other caregiver. This helps infants develop their trust in the world. It also enables parents to develop an awareness of their baby’s cues and confidence in their ability to meet their baby’s needs.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and consistent high-quality products.

Happy babywearing to you!
Annie Cote’