The benefits of using a CuddlyWrap

Made of soft, lightweight, breathable 100% certified organic cotton, machine wash & dry. There are no seams, snaps, straps or buckles to adjust, break or lose. The CuddlyWrap accommodates all adult sizes.


The CuddlyWrap™ positions the baby so that the back, hips and legs are properly supported preventing stress on the baby’s developing hips and spine. There are no time limits on the amount of time your baby can spend in the CuddlyWrap.

The CuddlyWrap™ is designed to move with you and your baby, to be secure yet not restrictive. There are no age or weight restrictions so you can continue to use the CuddlyWrap from newborn to toddler.

One of the most basic needs of a newborn is to be held in close contact with mother, father or other caregiver. The CuddlyWrap, is 100% organic cotton and based on our belief in the importance of protecting the environment we are passing on to future generations of little ones.

A core value of our company has always been to support community – business and not-forprofit organizations – local, across Canada, and around the world. All our products are proudly made in Winnipeg. The yarn is imported, knit into fabric and dyed in Canada. The packaging materials are made in Manitoba.